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I'm back in random fashion.
2015-05-10 15:59:06 ET

Hello One, Hello ALL!

VST goodness
2013-08-11 19:20:16 ET

The level of my "these plugins are amazing!!!" is off the charts, with Z3ta+2, Massive, and Sylenth1 recently purchased I feel that the creative juices are flowing again. I should also throw in the fuck yeah factor with my laptop purchase also makes me happy danc3. I have missed you all as well.

new to me.
2013-03-10 15:04:38 ET

I reached out to my cousin in hopes that he had a random computer around his house that was collecting dust. Lo and behold he did, the nly issues with it: A shitload of registry errors and for whtever reason, My flat panel monitot does not display it properly, I can only assume this is aminor setback that can be fixed through the control panel.

But overall, I am fairly excited about this most generous hook up.

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