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2011-01-04 00:49:26 ET

For up and comming musicians/artists, the internet has got to be the greatest means for exposure period. In my opinion there is a great many artists that are getting exposure and even publicity through means of self promotion to a broad audiance worldwide that would be impossible 20 years ago without an ungodly ammount of time spent in bars, clubs ect.. hoping for some A&R guy to discover you. Of course you could submit demos to radio stations, record labels and so on and so forth. Touring and playing venues are still important today but with the up and comming of social network an artist has the best recourse of self promotion. I believe that there are a thousands of really good acts out there that would have otherwise been undiscovered except for underground followers, Including myself. It has pretty much eleminated the "obscurity faktor" in up and comming artists. Personally I feel rather fortunate to have the ability to promote my sound for millions to listen to. However the debate still rages on " Should music be free?" my answer is yes, essentially all music is free. I understand that there are many bands out there that have been around for ages and had to be discovered in the old days, they feel that there songs or albums being downloaded for free is the worst thing ever, Many artists have gone tits up over the file sharing fiasco. If you like a band, support the band by going to shows, merchandise, ect.. Besides most of your monetary gains will be from shows and merch. If im not mistaken most bands signed to labels only see a small percentage from record sales. In conclusion, the one and most important thing about artist then, now, and tomorrow..ITS ALL ABOUT GOOD MUSIC, how you impact the listiner on a level deeper than glam. There is no grey area, your either a legend or a fad. A question all new musicians must ask themselves, myself included, In 5 years will anyone care?

2011-01-04 04:49:56 ET

Any entertainment that can be digitized and copied is now free in fact, it is only a matter of when the industries involved stop trying to use government power to deny this fact. I yearn for the death of all major labels & movie studios, as they have served nothing more than gate-keepers standing in the way of those who wish to entertain others.

Good Stuffs:

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That article is the most informitive thing ive read in a minute. thanks for posting that link.

2011-01-05 04:33:19 ET

No probz.

Trent Reznor had a nice forum post about the same kind of thing. Someone emailed it to me ages ago, I'll see if I can find it for ya.

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