2003-09-09 11:57:08 ET

man...the flirts were a great band...i got a new cell phone yesterday...it was a big lame ass mess...but the number is still the same...i bought this awesome tree for my cats...bouchedag loves it...rwanda is scared of it...oh well...can't win em all...

me and my kyle <3

2003-09-09 12:04:20 ET

those are awesome pictures and cell phone server companies never fail to mess somehting up

2003-09-09 12:21:54 ET

my cats would die for that thing.

2003-09-09 14:22:46 ET

I love yr outfit.

2003-09-10 17:12:43 ET

i must agree with tatertot.
your outfit kicks my butt as does your hair.

2003-09-10 19:25:25 ET

thanks :)

2003-09-11 11:57:12 ET


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