my poor sassy
2003-11-15 18:55:11 ET

got in a car is totaled. some jerk ran into the back of was not my fault...but my car is totaled...or so they said...

remembering miss sassy saturn...

many a good time was had...but i can't find many pix. :'(
little britt getting in my loved car...

my bike and miss sassy in the snow at my old apartment....

i am going to miss you ole girl. :'(

2003-11-15 19:06:14 ET

wow, i'm so sorry...

are you ok?

2003-12-02 14:22:16 ET

loosin a car sucks. nuff said

2003-12-02 15:29:42 ET

That's sad. It's hard enough getting a car you really like, but then loosing it.
I'd be so sad if I lost my truck.
I'm sorry

2003-12-19 10:34:51 ET

wow saturns are usually good for crashs.
there nice cars too
sorry about your luck

2004-01-04 08:02:04 ET

thats okay...i have a new one now :) it is fancy.

2004-01-04 09:26:38 ET

a new saturn??
if so a thumbs up

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