2004-02-05 08:00:05 ET

man...it is really snowing hard. we went sledding last night. both kyle and wood lost their keys in the snow. they have cancelled pretty much all schools around here but KU...of course. KU really pisses me off. they would not even cancel calss for WWIII. assholes. so i have to teach my class tonight. i will be pissed if i wreck my new car trying to get to school to teach because the KU fags won't call off class because the roads are shit. grrrrrrr.

2004-02-05 08:05:29 ET

what kinda class you teach?

2004-02-06 09:36:37 ET

Just tell em you're not goin in cause you cant' get there, done that a couple times with past bosses of mine

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