2004-02-09 15:58:12 ET

i really do not like up tight PC assholes. they always think they are correct and have the right to censor anything they deem un-PC. why do they think they get to decide what everyone can view?

i say if you don't like it, don't look at it.

2004-02-09 16:17:05 ET

Being politically correct is being a fucking liar.
People that say or dont say something to be politcally correct are only doing it to be PC, not because they really belive in what they do or do not say. But because they feel obligated.
So yeah i agree with you.

2004-02-09 17:46:47 ET

i hate them also maybe because i am very super politicaly incorrect who know. i say grind up the pc bastards and use them as fuel

2004-02-09 20:30:36 ET

im so offended, but i cannot look away, man i gotta get people to ban this...

2004-02-10 10:53:17 ET

It's like a bad train wreck in which bodies are lying everywhere. It's not something people neccesarily want to look at it, but you can't help and stare at it until you've passed it. Then you'll retell the story to anyone who'll listen and few who don't care about the atrosity you saw earlier that day.

2004-02-11 19:33:35 ET

hahahaahah soooooo true guys

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