2004-03-13 08:06:55 ET

we got out van. we named it the ss janky...cuz it is janky as hell.

2004-03-13 13:39:42 ET

what does janky mean?

2004-03-13 19:06:50 ET

like ghetto. or kinda crappy. something like that.

2004-03-13 20:05:46 ET


2004-03-14 04:59:44 ET

the OPPOSITE of swanky

2004-03-14 06:38:19 ET

apparently Rix didn't comprehend that the question was already answered for me, it's okay though, you can't blame her, she's only irish heh

2004-03-15 06:56:02 ET

It was a comment on her entry. Not an answer for you. I try not to talk to Scots. :-P

2004-03-31 15:52:22 ET


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