2004-04-07 22:56:53 ET

i am so tired and stressed.

i need my bed...and a vacation. oh and to win the lottery.

2004-04-07 23:56:36 ET

you played with total chaos?! dude, your my new hero(in). bad ass hawk, by the way.

2004-04-08 00:40:18 ET

Total chaos... oh I <3 them...theyre such rad guys.

2004-04-08 05:28:25 ET

The hawk on the cat, I've seen that hawk before...is it yours or Kyle's or someone you know?

2004-04-08 09:44:19 ET

hahaha yeah it is kyles. that show is this saturday :)

2004-04-08 13:02:26 ET


2004-04-13 13:26:49 ET

everyone needs to win the lottery

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