2004-06-26 14:19:13 ET

my band the vexed leaves in about 2 weeks for tour. here are the dates and info. check us out if we are in your area.

Thursday, July 15th
@ The Cesspool
1039 Joplin St.
Joplin, MO

Friday, July 16th
@ Hairy Marys
2307 University Ave
Des Moines, IA

Saturday, July 17th
@ Riverwest Commons
815 E. Locust
Milwaukee WI

Sunday, July 18th

Monday, July 19th
@ Nag Champa
1063 Virginia Ave.
Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday, July 20th
@ Pats In The Flats
2233 W. 3rd St.
Cleveland, OH

Wednesday, July 21st
Richmond, VA

Thursday, July 22nd
Washington DC

Friday, july 23rd
Philideplhia, PA

Saturday, July 24th
@The Continental
212 Franklin St.
Buffalo, NY

Sunday, July 25th
Albany, NY

Monday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 27th
@ The Living Room
23 Rathbone St.
Providence, RI

Wednesday, July 28th
@ Connections
503 Van Houten St.
Passaic, NJ

Thursday, July 29th
@ The Rhythm Room
2140 South Taylor Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH

Friday, July 30th
@ Lyon's Den
1934 W. Irving Park
Chicago, Il

2004-06-27 17:19:02 ET

When's the canadian tour?

2004-07-07 14:05:32 ET

hummmm....when we get bigger :)

2004-07-07 14:50:37 ET

did you find out where you are playing in philly? ill try to gather a couple other philly kids and come out.

2004-07-07 15:27:01 ET

no we could not get a philly show :(

2004-07-07 15:28:45 ET

aw that sucks. maybe another time though.

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