2002-08-24 18:50:56 ET

my heart is so confused. my head is an even bigger mess...shall i listen to my head or my heart?

2002-08-24 18:56:19 ET

Depends on what they are saying.

2002-08-24 18:58:22 ET

heads tend to lie alot.

2002-08-24 18:59:04 ET

So can hearts..

2002-08-24 19:00:13 ET

ive never felt a lying heart.

2002-08-24 19:15:22 ET

where do you live? it depends on where you live.

2002-08-24 19:19:46 ET


2002-08-24 19:47:13 ET

thats a tuff one...... i would say your heart and you head..... all at the same time... i dont think its possible..... but i some how do it...

2002-08-25 13:04:09 ET

or flip a coin

2002-08-25 13:04:53 ET

mehbe eeny meenie minie mo?

2002-08-26 04:00:11 ET

listen to your head :(
it's the more painful option, but in the long run, the better option.

2002-08-26 11:46:36 ET

yes indeed...i think the head might be the better option...but that will cause some heart ache...life is so overly complex sometimes...

2002-08-30 14:52:41 ET

use a bit of both? (o_O)

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