why does this crap always heppen to me? i hate randon perverts.
2002-08-30 13:29:09 ET

167388337 (5:18 PM) :
Hi, im drunk and wanna send you me and my gf's naked pics while we were having sex. Dont ask why, cause i dont know either. I do it first time.

Kate78 (5:19 PM) :
go away you sicko......why the fuck would i want to see that?
167388337 (5:20 PM) :
u faggot
Kate78 (5:22 PM) :
how does that make me a faggot.....i just don't want to see that kind of crap...i am not some dirty slag....and don't need to see people i don't even know getting it on. have some respect for yourself.
167388337 (5:23 PM) :
havent u met any drunk guy before?
Kate78 (5:24 PM) :
i have met tons of drunk guys before, but that does not mean i want to see them all naked and/or having sex. i have better things to do with my time.
167388337 (5:25 PM) :
i m sure u have but whay u get mad to me?
Kate78 (5:27 PM) :
because everytime i get on icq somebody has to request naked pics of me or wants to send me naked pix of them....it is just something that does not interest me, but for some reason people still message me about it. i just find it odd when total strangers want to swap naked photos...it is very wierd.
167388337 (5:27 PM) :
u r right too, i dont know it before, sorry any way if i disturb u
Kate78 (5:28 PM) :
no problem
167388337 (5:28 PM) :

2002-08-30 13:37:06 ET

That's hilarious!

2002-08-30 13:51:29 ET

i had a guy bug me for 2 days for topless pics o_O

your hair is very sexy.

2002-08-30 14:03:40 ET

Geez and I thought I was stupid when I'm drunk! CHEERS!

2002-08-30 14:16:13 ET

Ewwwww....on-line creepy drunken bastids. Sorry that you had to be victim to such filth. [[vomits]]

2002-08-30 14:47:14 ET

what a freak! ...aol chatrooms scare me, annoy me, and are overall really boring... i think almost all open ended chat arenas tend to deal with nude picture swapping for some odd reason...
when i do actually accept pictures from people ...wow, they're usually some of the fugliest people i've ever seen...

2002-08-30 15:03:40 ET

Furax, I saw nude photos of you and now the image of your no-no-special-place has been burned into my retinas!

2002-08-30 15:06:32 ET

Uhhh god.

2002-08-31 01:25:49 ET

bandiera nera! you saw no such thing! ...i don't think

2002-08-31 10:05:22 ET

Furax! I did so! BWAHAHAHAAAAAA!

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