2002-09-26 01:28:46 ET

having nightmares again.....can't sleep on the one day i would get to sleep in on.

i guess i went to bed again feeling rejected and inadequate because of the situation....

i should find someone to kiss to get the taste of you out of my mouth....might make the rejection seem less important.

2002-09-26 01:30:58 ET


2002-09-26 02:13:12 ET

kill it...i have nightmares about men in pink bunny suits w/ glasses, so dont fret

2002-09-26 04:53:26 ET

Men in pink bunny suits with glasses sounds extremely frightening...

2002-09-26 05:42:26 ET

What are your nightmares about?

2002-09-26 07:14:30 ET

its not just frightening, its traumatizing..i had tha tnightmare like 8 years ago, and i STILL remember it vividly

2002-09-26 08:18:39 ET

aww. *love*

2002-09-26 13:19:24 ET

ur hot shit and if some asshole doesn't realize that then thats his loss, im sure there's plenty of people who would do u better!

2002-09-27 04:37:51 ET

Hey michelle, you should listen to your own advice eh haha

No worries, how could someone not want you with that bitchin hawk? People are inherently stupid, don't let the morons drag you down, kick em in the nuts and move on, that's what i say haha.


2002-09-27 13:06:37 ET

hahahah i know eh, im so great at giving advice but im terrible at listening to it myself.
but what i was trying to say is that she's fucking hot and its hard to believe some guy doesn't wanna be with her

2002-09-27 19:21:23 ET

I can do nothing here but repeat what i've said to you before, so i won't haha

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