2003-01-13 20:49:59 ET

argggggggggg...get out of my damn head already.....


crazy cute...or crazy psycho???

why are you dancing when you could be alone? chocking on cigarettes to get you along. play girl, why are you sleeping in tomorrows world? northern lights catch you coming down. sleep your way out of your home town. a question mark on a calendar...an empty seat on the alpha ride....

i know it will all be a waste of my time. fuck my heart. i hate it. everything is such a waste.

2003-01-13 20:53:48 ET


2003-01-14 08:16:59 ET

love the orange in your hair.
very nice.


2003-01-16 08:45:07 ET

Bitchin, love the writtings, yours or someone elses?

Don't ya hate that feeling, and no matter how much you tell yourself fuck it all to hell, you just gotta see the person, and you're willing to try again, then get kicked in the teeth one more time, yeah i understand entirely what you're sayin there

and once more i'm compelled to say that you have bitchin rockin hair

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