new tattoos
2003-01-25 16:33:57 ET

2003-01-25 16:43:02 ET

nice stars, makes me want more ink.

i nice jewelry, looks like you have fun with it anymore picture?
is that what you are going to school for?

2003-01-26 04:05:09 ET

Oooooh Very nice!

2003-01-26 09:15:23 ET

so much perdyness

out of blatant curiosity, what do you use for your hair, i'm on eggwhite sugar and hairspray. and how long does it stay up for ya?

2003-01-27 09:12:51 ET


2003-01-28 18:10:39 ET

yeah i go to school for jewelry design...and in my hair i use hairspray...either freeze it with the purple writing on the can...or pump it up will stay up a long ass fucking time if you do it right.

2003-01-29 05:17:57 ET

Not bad, how long's it take?

At aboutu 6 inches, mine was takin me an hour, and it could leave it up for about a week, but because it's teh tri hawk, every other day or so, i'd have to some repairs with the hairspray from sleeping damage.

2003-01-29 08:40:39 ET

thats awsome.
i want one around my cou.

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