2003-03-12 04:11:46 ET

i have a midterm in my history of russian art and architecture class today...i don't want to take it...i am not ready. i am gonna shower then go to the library and cram until 1 pm...then my graduate seminar class is meeting at some gallery in downtown KC...then kyle and i are gonna hang out...and i am cutting tamras bihawks tonight...doing hair is fun. nexpix:

2003-03-12 06:43:41 ET

Heh I graduated in Interior design and funny that I'm looking for a graphic design job. :D

Hey I like your hair! How long does it take to do your hair? :)

2003-03-12 17:38:00 ET

your hair kicks my ass....

2003-03-14 07:17:43 ET

Hoep teh midterm went well, glad to hear from ya again, yes i'm terrible at checkin peoples journals, but ya love me anyways.

fUck i can't get enough of your hair, i've said it before and i'll say it again, it rocks my world. You can honestly count yourself lucky that you don't live in toronto, for if you did, and i saw you walking down the street, i would be forced to stop and molest you, you rock haha

2003-03-14 08:05:38 ET

I will join you molesting her! hehe..

2003-03-14 08:23:21 ET

haha, sounds good to me!

2003-03-29 21:31:38 ET

hahah you all are crazy hahahah

2003-03-29 21:41:11 ET

yeah your hair definatly is fabulous. i wish i could rock it like you do...

2003-03-29 21:45:55 ET

thanks yo.

2003-03-30 08:57:46 ET

yeah I wish I could rock too...how long does it take to do(your hair)?

2003-03-30 14:48:43 ET

not too long...about 30 min.

2003-03-30 15:08:49 ET

impressive, what do you use?

2003-03-30 16:13:38 ET

thats amazing. you should be in that world book of records....haha

2003-03-30 17:35:32 ET

the hair is hot!

2003-03-30 17:36:16 ET

haha i love it cause it looks so hard for u to fit all ur hair and ur head into the picture. i love it!

2003-03-30 17:38:02 ET


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