2003-04-21 18:05:56 ET

fat girls should not have mohawks. end of story. yeah...i am a snobby fucking bitch. fuck you.

2003-04-21 18:09:22 ET


i <3 you kate.

2003-04-22 09:46:39 ET

i dont blame you.

2003-04-24 13:02:27 ET

im fat, and i have enough sense to now mohawk+fat=shit. my fat friend has a chelsea...not cool.

2003-04-24 13:22:15 ET

hahahah that rocks.

2003-04-27 19:34:46 ET

also, fat chicks should not try to pull off wearing pants that are 2 sizes too small for them.
Like the 'punk' girls always do with the plaid pants. Here's a tip, if they don't sell the pants in your own size - then DON'T try to fit in them! Sheesh.

2003-04-28 09:21:47 ET

w3rd. there was this chick at a show once who was fearing pants that were WAY to small. sh was like, belly dancing or something, and every move cause her flab to fall out another inch or so.

2003-04-28 10:59:47 ET

sounds like that fetish ball think i went to last weekend...just add another woman matching that description and have them beating each other. ack.

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