2003-04-24 17:18:55 ET

i just ate and now i feel gross and i want to puke.

it is raining and i want to sleep, but i need to go work on school crap. damn you school.

2003-04-24 18:21:38 ET

Puke on the school work and turn it in like that.

2003-04-24 18:23:11 ET

rix, you always have such brilliant ideas! ;-P

2003-04-24 18:24:19 ET

It's my job.

2003-04-26 11:17:47 ET

hahhah i should have done that...i will keep that in mind for the next time

2003-04-26 19:11:41 ET

In high school, the teachers that I didn't like were afraid of me. Buaha.

2003-04-27 07:32:34 ET

muaaaaaaahhhhhhhh everyone is afraid of me

2003-04-27 15:09:03 ET

High five!

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