2003-05-03 22:41:27 ET

lookie....right click and open you assholes

kyle made it

what a flair for interior design my boyfriend has. wow. i am one lucky fucking bitch. you all want it.

2003-05-04 12:11:38 ET

damnit, don't have real player!

2003-05-05 07:14:47 ET

thats fucking funny!

2003-05-05 20:28:19 ET

yeah....i laugh everynight before i go to bed now...i just look up...and it is flopping around...sigh....i just love it.

2003-05-06 05:20:20 ET

thats as funny as the condom stress relief squeezer(condom filled with flower)

2003-05-06 08:44:59 ET

haha who would have known a condom has so many uses

2003-05-06 13:41:49 ET

hahah i know...what a creative guy my boyfriend it...hee hee hee.

2003-05-07 10:04:33 ET

I hope that one was fresh...

2003-05-07 12:42:24 ET

That's hilarious. :)

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