New York is fantastic...
2002-11-03 01:11:56 ET

It's times like this that remind me of how much i want to move out of crappy virginia to beautiful new york city. I've met some wonderful people today. I wish i lived close enough to hang out with them more often (the last time i was in the city was 2 years ago). So many little time. Of course today we saw hocico again for the 3rd time!!! Probably the most intense of their shows but unfortunately not as intimate as the richmond show. I wanted to get pictures but i had tall people in front of me so they wouldn't had turned out anyways. People were extrememly rude and pushy. I got banged in the head i don't know how many times but it was very much well worth it. I stood my ground. I don't take shit from nobody. We had bought a shirt at utopia today that said..."Fuck me. I'm mexican" as a gift for hocico. Erk absolutely LOVED it. <3
In conclusion (as it is 6 am and i extremely tired) hocico was great. I met cool ass people. I got my dance on. I "humped" Erk and banged heads with Rasco while he was giving me a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Philly show will be a must. Even though there is a new Dulce Liquido album coming out, there will be no tour according to Erk. I must get my dosage of hot mexicans before it's too late.

2002-11-03 01:41:52 ET

hot mexican love oh yeah ;-P
glad you had fun... and you really are little hehe
sorry i didn't have much to talk about. nice meeting ya though.

2002-11-03 06:18:29 ET

NYC is such a lovely place. <3

I like people regardless of size!

But it was gosh darn crowded ..

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