No more snow.
2002-12-05 01:55:21 ET

I'm completely and utterly exhausted. What is usually a 1hour drive turned out to be 3 hours of complete snow traffic hell. In lamest terms, it sucked. The night started off fantastic. I had alot of fun. I'm just glad to be home in one piece. Later on will bring details of tammy's birthday party, shitty-as-usual-but-what's-different godfreys, and the horrendous drive home. Oh yes, pictures of us playing the snow as well. : )

2002-12-05 02:53:13 ET

I woke up.
And all this snow is falling from the sky.
And I'm thinking, "I have to walk in this%!#^!^"
God damn snow.

2002-12-05 04:14:14 ET

hm i know what its like to get caught in bad weather like dad and i were driving home from spokane one night when the weather turned all icy and crap...didnt get home till around 7am

good to hear you got home safely

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