rainy day
2008-02-06 04:22:12 ET

i just woke up. today i get to go into work at 11 instead of 8. on mondays and weds we do that, but i hate it bc we get out at 8. i need a new job.

it's so shitty out right now. i'd rather it rain like this than snow though. summer needs to be here, now.

this kid Joe i hung out with once about 2 years ago and spoke to maybe once more after that, contacted me last night. it was awkward that he still knew how to get in touch with me after such long time, but kind of cute. another one of my friends that i haven't seen for about 2 years instant messaged me and we're going to hang out on saturday. this should be interesting since he claimed to have had a "revelation" and has changed (ie now "dresses differently") apparently the "alternative look" revised or something? i told him i don't give a shit what he dresses like and he sounds like a fake when he talks like that, haha. is that what people think the rock and roll genre is all about? the way we dress? assss iffffff. ;-)

ugh, someone get me a strawberry coolatta from Dunkin's please? :-D


2008-02-06 06:48:58 ET

*poors strawberry coolatta on his chest* yay! j/k

Yeah, I'll agree, what you wear is pretty far from the heart of rock and roll. (Though, I still laughed when the Scorpions came on stage in tight, black leather when I saw 'em in '02.)

2008-02-06 07:54:51 ET

oh, it's fucking hilarious. but what you wear shouldn't matter and in my eyes it doesn't haha.

::licks coolatta::

2008-02-06 08:39:25 ET

i basically live in the hipster, indie/folk rock capital of the nation. dear lord. in this town your band almost always has to have it's own signature "ironic" or plain gorgeous look.
it really pisses me off.
we have soooo much great local music here, but these kinds of things cloud it.

i help run this music festival in town every year. last year we had something like 1700
bands apply to play the festival (45 slots)

it's a little ridiculous but sometimes very entertaining, you can always watch a lot of these bands, tune the music out, and still be entertained.

2008-02-06 09:56:10 ET

i agree. i say we declare shaninigans! :)

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