My name is Becca.
I love everything having to do with old cars.
I love icecream.
I am a dork.
99% of the time I will be able to answer any question
about a movie you ask me.
I hate socks.
Ignorant people are annoying.
Old school cartoons are where itís at.
I can out cook you.
I can out dance you.
I have magical fingers and am an amazing masseuse.
Video games? Bring it.
Music is my life.
Photography is awesome.
I love writing.
Body Art is a turn-on.
Smokers are a turn-off.
Yes, I am straight edge.
No, I donít care if you arenít.
I'm a fan of reality t.v.
If you can sit and watch scary movies
with me all night, I'll love you.
...but i may end up in yer shirt.
I despise stereotypical bitches. stay away from me.
yer annoying, no one likes you,
and you should stop talking.
if you claim yer not a whore..
and you know he has a girlfriend..
yer a whore.
If youíve never seen Joe's Apartment,
donít bother talking to me.
I like sex.
i love women. i love the way they smell. the way they taste. the way they look. the way their skin feels. the way they walk. the way they talk. the way their hair feels. i love their hips. i love their curves. oh...i love men, too :).

 Fuckin A Cat!    2008-04-10 04:46:05 ET
I have little potted plants
next to my window and my cat
keeps sitting/standing/running on/kneading them.
He enjoys sitting in them and looking
out the window at the squirrels
then jumping off and climbing up a wall..
yes he likes to CLIMB up the door frames.
what the fuck was in the water when
this cat was born?

 hmm..    2008-04-09 02:21:50 ET
So i'm sick of feeling ignored.
and alone.
i feel like everytime i try to get ahold of one of my friends, they are busy or just don't asnwer. But any time they need a fucking therapist they roll their asses right over to me.
I've been seeing this kid Derek for a little while now and I know he cares about me, but i just have no self esteem that I can't make myself realize it. He tells me i'm sexy all the time and all i can say is thanks bc i don't think i am so idno how to react.
I'm so lame.

 a perfect lie    2008-02-15 04:39:31 ET
make me beautiful..

perfect soul..

perfect mind..

perfect face..

a perfect lie.

 greenpeace    2008-02-08 10:43:47 ET
so i have an interview for greenpeace on tuesday.
i can't fucking wait.
if you don't know what it is, check it out.

way fucking cool.

loveeee ya

 fake ass punk    2008-02-07 08:24:23 ET
God, i really hate fake ass bitches.
i work with this girl that does nothing
but grill me when she walks by. Now her cunt of
a sister is training here and she does the SAME
thing. is cuntness a nesseccity in their family?
most likely. i'm the most down to earth person
you will ever meet. i'm fucking wearing jeans
right now that are missing their zipper bc
i like the jeans.. i really don't care about small
things. do i come off as someone you should be
a bitch to? i'm not bitchy by any means. i feel horrible
at my job bc i collect people's can i be mean!?
someone explain this to me.

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