2008-04-09 02:21:50 ET

So i'm sick of feeling ignored.
and alone.
i feel like everytime i try to get ahold of one of my friends, they are busy or just don't asnwer. But any time they need a fucking therapist they roll their asses right over to me.
I've been seeing this kid Derek for a little while now and I know he cares about me, but i just have no self esteem that I can't make myself realize it. He tells me i'm sexy all the time and all i can say is thanks bc i don't think i am so idno how to react.
I'm so lame.

2008-04-09 05:59:10 ET

You're SO not lame.

2008-04-09 06:48:52 ET

I know exactly how you feel. It's always me that my "friends" come to talk to, yet I would never try talking to them about anything.

2008-04-09 09:58:10 ET

Finding dependable friends is, for me, the hardest thing to do. Just hang in there lady. Also, gl with the guy. Maybe with time if he keeps telling you sweet things you will believe it and it definetly isn't lame. Don't be afraid to be who you are.

2008-04-09 12:29:44 ET

Real friends will be there for you. There's been a recent outbreak of bitch-assness going 'round. It's not your fault. It's affecting a lot of people, keep ya head up.

2008-04-09 16:55:46 ET

I know how you feel too, hun. I have a hard time taking compliments too. He's expressing his feelings about you and thats wonderful; try to see yourself from his perspective.

2008-04-09 20:41:39 ET

You're gorgeous! I'm NOT just saying that! You are, in fact, gorgeous!

It's nice, I think, when a girl is more modest than stuck up. But, there are extremes to every case and it's important that she, at the *right* level, appreciates herself enough to take a compliment.

I don't know. Some people say fake it until you have the confidence in yourself. Others suggest other things, but what I wonder there something about you that you really want to change?

2008-04-10 04:37:09 ET

everyone is right about the hard to find true friends part.
i feel like my friends are true and genuine, they just truely and genuinely are SELFISH. and that's fine. all my friends my entire life have been like that. Some i've had to right off and stop speaking to bc i felt like i should be getting a pay check or supplying them with crazy pills.


And i don't know if there is anything about me i would want to change. I think i just wanna like what i look like. I love who i AM and what i stand for. My personality is not the problem, it's more physical.. which i guess it is with most females, you know?

2008-04-10 08:03:38 ET

Yes, unfortunately :/

2008-11-21 06:41:20 ET

At least you have some friends nearby. My closest friends are about 1900 miles away.

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