Fuckin A Cat!
2008-04-10 04:46:05 ET

I have little potted plants
next to my window and my cat
keeps sitting/standing/running on/kneading them.
He enjoys sitting in them and looking
out the window at the squirrels
then jumping off and climbing up a wall..
yes he likes to CLIMB up the door frames.
what the fuck was in the water when
this cat was born?

2008-04-12 09:50:39 ET

yeah my cat, Jazz is like that. He's always darting around and fucking with shit. If it can be fucked with....he will do so. Fucktard chewed up my xbox live headset, but what can ya do but luv them.

2008-05-30 04:09:20 ET

cats are awesome ;-P

2009-01-09 22:41:23 ET

My cat is about 17 lbs. A huge fluffball. Half bobcat and half mainecoon(a Norweign forest cat). So he's huge! And lazy. But a talker.

He doesn't worry about the squirrels outside. But there's this one squirrel across the street that lives in an old ash tree. About the same time everyday. You can see him jump from limb to limb. And the poor fuzzy bastard has this habit of missing the same branch everyday.

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