i want a girl with a mind like a diamond
2008-11-03 13:35:11 ET

cash cab is such a fun show, i would love to be on there. i am totally excellent at trivia! i even got the one about anthropomorphism.

also, i hate my govt class, it's so boring. it comes easily to me when i really sit down and do it but 9 times out of 10 i procrastinate instead of even trying. blah i just don't care about it!

2008-11-07 06:05:39 ET

i was on cashcab this year and it sucked! well no, i sucked, the experience was awesome; when you're actually in the cab there's so much pressure - you have to delay in answering so even if you know it automatically, you have to suggest it to your partner first and when you get it right they need you to cheer big and ben bailey's awesome but it's so hard to concentrate!!

maybe i'm just bitter 'cause we lost =(

2008-11-07 08:53:05 ET

wow that's crazy! you're like a total celebrity in my mind! :p

its funny that they make you do mundane little things like pretend you aren't sure about the answer, and when it comes across all nice and edited to the tv you're sitting there watching like "OMG THEY ARE SO DUMB! I KNEW THAT RIGHT OFF THE BAT!"

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