jesus loves me, he loves me a bunch
2008-11-09 08:45:57 ET

my grandma paid for my hotel room on the night of my nin concert, so when she called today of course she had to ask about it.

this is how the convo went:

grandma: who are you seeing?
me: i dont think you've heard of them
grandma: who is it?
me: nine inch nails
grandma: never angels?
me: no. NINE, like the number nine. INCH. NAILS.
grandma: nine inch nails. oh cortney, is that psychedelic?
me: uh, i dont think so, grandma.
grandma: is it satanic?
me: no, grandma

i still dont know what she meant by psychedelic. then again, this is coming from someone who calls anything more recent than buddy holly "metal."

2008-11-09 10:37:28 ET

How was the show?

2008-11-09 14:36:30 ET

I haven't seen them yet, now that I re-read my post it looks misleadingly like I've been there and done it. Blah.

11/26! Just a couple weeks!

2008-11-09 15:49:31 ET

Aaawesome, I love NIN.

2008-11-09 15:50:02 ET


2008-11-09 16:26:38 ET

my grandma is the same way, yo

she calls my music "devil music"

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