one you lock the target, two you bait the line
2008-11-13 10:21:46 ET

so this morning at my shrink appointment my dr took it upon himself to comment on the fact that my bridge piercing is perpetually pissed off, and that i should be careful so that the infection that i don't have doesn't travel to my sinuses where it could fester and give me a seizure.

it's also really depressing when people tell me i'm "too smart" to go to cosmetology school. people freely comment on my future and how i should go to law school, or be a doctor, and honestly i am flattered that anyone would think i am capable of it but i am really tired of feeling that one of the biggest decisions of my life is inadequate. leave me alone, assholes.

2008-11-13 16:40:25 ET

I ALWAYS get you're to smart for Cosmetology school. Though I didn't know that only stupid people went?

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