she's the devil in disguise
2008-12-27 23:12:27 ET

i finally got around to watching Religulous, and man did I enjoy that.

i won't say anything about what i personally believe other than that i'm 110% atheist, but i do have one question for anyone who feels like answering, be you christian and willing to help or something else and wondering the same thing.

it truly seems to me that most religious people aren't interested in conversing about their faith unless they do most of the talking themselves.

why do religious people get so offended when you ask questions about their faith? are they unprepared to answer questions because they know deep down they have spent more time trusting in god blindly than figuring out the truth themselves?

do they feel it's not anyone else's business what they believe? if so, why are they so quick to pitch jesus when someone will listen?

surely we can all agree that the simplest way to gain knowledge is by seeking answers from those who already know them, so what's the deal with people who supposedly want to spread the word of god not wanting to get their hands dirty with those who doubt?

2008-12-27 23:54:46 ET

I'm also 110% atheist and proud to be godfree. I don't understand it either. And i don't pass around evolution literature and tell people who ridiculous it is not to belive in facts and science. I can back up why I don't believe based on facts, not feelings. And that's really the thing with Christians. It's all based on feelings and you can't disprove someone's feelings...but it doesn't hold much water. And I don't understand the this is the way that's right and constant intolerance. Consistantly inconsistant. Have you seen Camp Jesus? I watched it tonight on Netflix and youtube. I was horrified...

2008-12-28 08:26:37 ET

This must happen in other places besides here. Granted I am in the Bible Belt of America but usually when I am accosted by someone who is a believer in God they have their opinions and will discuss based on the "facts" they believe are true not just saying "Well God this and Jesus that".

Though I don't disregard that there are people out there that just say..."I believe therefore I am" but the people I have come in contact with at least are intelligent enough to give any doubter a run for their money in a discussion.

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