i've come to this place to rearrange your face
2008-12-28 09:31:27 ET

ugh, i hate people!

my mom forgot about our laundry in the laundry room and went to go get it only to find it thrown onto a counter and some other bitch in there hogging BOTH dryers, so she very civilly confronted her. this is how the exchange took place.

mom: did you take my laundry out?
dumb bitch: yeah, we were waiting for over an hour.
mom: well i was coming back. that was really rude of you.
dumb bitch: yeah well you're rude.
mom: why did did you have to take both dryers? i only use one at a time.
dumb bitch: fuck you. it's too late, i did it. *leaves*

can you see how one-sidedly ridiculous that conversation was? not to mention that her logic fails, considering that since apparently she couldn't do her laundry until my mom's was out, now nobody else can do theirs until HERS is out since she's hogging both units.

stupid, stupid people! >:\

2008-12-28 10:46:24 ET

some ppl always want to make stress, i donīt understand them.

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