in the beginning, there was the future
2009-04-10 23:06:25 ET

hum. life has been pretty dull lately. the only thing of any real significance that i have to report is that all my fears about graduating on time are GONE, because i only need 3 more credits.

government is boring as hell but its so easy on the computer, i take like 3 tests a day. i think its so uninteresting to me because i think that while processes and rules are all well and good, people with money and power will find a way to buy what they want and none of us can do anything about it. at least science will never lie to me.

im still kinda torn about what beauty college to attend. i talked to LMBC the other day and their tuition is ridiculously low in the scheme of things but it's still above what i can afford, and they don't accept grants or anything either. i still feel like going to a local place instead of paul mitchell (my first choice) is the equivalent of "why go to harvard when you could go to brigham young?"

anyway. we got our state refund which was recalculated and we actually got about $200 more back than we thought, so we had pizza and breadsticks tonight, 100% guilt free. i'm still trying to talk the old gal into $150 nin/ja tickets. we'll see.

so i guess this turned out to be a longer post than i originally stated. its funny how even when nothing is going on in my life, i always find a way to complain about it. oh welllll. the dude abides.

2009-04-11 13:04:08 ET

hey, i work at this upscale salon, and we always get people trying to apply for assistant positions, and seriously, the beauty school you go to really doesnt matter. a lot of the people that work here have gotten their schooling at community colleges and trade schools for practically free. everyone starts out the same after they graduate and get their license, anyway; at the bottom! the important thing is to get a job assisting someone who you could learn a lot from; someone who has a very good assistant learning program!!

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