2009-10-14 14:49:10 ET

thank you, flying spaghetti monster, for placing matthew hagee on this earth. it is truly a delight when i see him on the jesus channel and get to laugh at how goofy looking he is.

(if you find the concept of god as hilarious as i do, checking this guy out might be worth your while. he's deliciously absurd.)

2009-10-14 15:42:21 ET

i don't think i know who that is..
but my favourite thing to do when i am drunk/stoned is watch tv evangelists.

2009-11-08 20:30:16 ET

i can't remember if he speaks in tongues at all. thinking about it makes him goofier to me.

2009-11-10 05:43:22 ET

he has such a beautiful singing voice, i want so badly to like him... but then he stops singing, starts talking, and the moment is gone. :(

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