2009-10-18 09:05:22 ET

why do people think jeff dunham is funny?

2009-10-18 09:07:33 ET

more people need to ask this question.
he's getting a "show" now or something too.

2009-10-18 10:17:55 ET

I don't know, but it's ridiculous.

2009-10-18 10:48:29 ET

wish i understood it myself

2009-10-19 13:43:22 ET

lol saw a commercial for his show, he looks like the answer to "What if Criss Angel were a ventriloquist?"

2009-11-03 13:17:54 ET

Thank you!!! i don't think that guy's funny at all.

2009-11-04 03:29:29 ET

there was a long article in the nytimes mag about him. basically shoots for middle of the road comedy with puppets saying un-pc things. ridic cash flow though.

2009-11-08 17:43:23 ET


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