2013-04-03 19:39:07 ET

omfg i am super beyond annoyed and disgusted right now! i don't know why this bothers me so much but it does!!!!!@#$%!@#% i just realized that this woman in my online ethics class has plagiarized EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of her assignments.... FROM SOMEONE ELSE IN THE CLASS!!!!!! IN AN ETHICS CLASS!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? look at this shit!!!

every single fucking one of her posts is like that. she changes a couple of words, cut and pastes the information in a different order, edits the citations ever so slightly. she usually copies the same couple of people too. thank god our opinions on many of these issues differ because i'd be absolutely livid if i found her copying MY hard work.

i can't decide what bothers me the most:
1) she's plagiarizing from a classmate. on the same assignments. on the same thread. all you have to do is scroll down to see it. how stupid can you get?
2) she completely bastardizes what was originally good material and makes it look like it was written by a 9 year old.
3) i saw in our introduction thread that this woman is 34. shouldn't you know better at that age?

i think i'm so upset because i work my ass off in this class. i have gone above and beyond in absolutely every way. granted, i do have the grade to show for it, but it annoys me that this person has been allowed to get away with this bare minimum effort for the last 4 months. i feel weird bringing it to the attention of my professor and i'm not really sure how to approach the situation, but i do feel it needs to be done. ugh!


2013-04-03 22:00:47 ET

If she's plagiarized every single assignment, how has no one caught it and done something about it? Does the professor not read the posts?! I would feel weird bringing it to the professor's attention too, but I would probably do it.

I took a professional ethics class last semester and the lack of ethics people showed there completely astounded me...more so than other classes, but I couldn't figure out if it was worse than normal, or if I was just more aware because it was an ethics class.

And people are dumb...some people do not know better, regardless of age.

2013-04-04 03:09:39 ET

Hahaha, yeah, ethics in ethics classes are... not... common. (I minored in ethics for awhile. Kill me.)
People are the worst.

2013-04-04 03:14:41 ET

Why would you feel weird about bringing up blatant plagiarism? It would only frustrate you more if she got away with it and passed the class. It's also something that should be reported beyond the professor. Plagiarism at a majority of universities result in expulsion.

That's incredible that the professor hasn't noticed, though.

2013-04-04 03:18:52 ET

Is this a 101 class? I bet the instructor doesn't even give a shite.

2013-04-04 05:13:10 ET

yeah it's an intro to ethics class. he better give a shit, there's this like, 2 paragraph long thing about plagiarism and its consequences in the syllabus.

i guess i feel weird about it because he hasn't caught it. i know it's the right thing and i really do hope it gets escalated to the appropriate people, but like... how do you not notice this stuff!?

2013-04-04 05:25:26 ET

101's are about as important to most profs as a bowel movement. They probably put all their efforts into the other classes they teach for major and minors. It's a waste of time and resources to have these joke gen ed classes. One of the things that makes me so mad about the American scholastic system. We are far behind our European and Asian counterparts it isn't even funny.

2013-04-05 20:16:23 ET

blah i know.. two of the required classes for graduation from ANY program at the CC i go to now are "intro to computers" where you learn how to type documents in microsoft word, and "the college experience" where you learn how to... be in college? ridiculous. even if i was in my last semester and i'd been going for years they still wouldn't give me a diploma until i took that piece of crap class. i'm soooo ready to be done here.

2013-04-06 04:56:11 ET

Being a pro at Microsoft office will get you very far in life. I'm 100% serious need. Most kids I tutored didn't know how to do crap in excel or PowerPoint. Heck, most couldn't even format in Word!

2013-04-08 12:13:46 ET

that's crazy! there is a definite need for it, almost all the job postings i've looked at want microsoft office proficiency. luckily i took an elective on it in high school so i suppose i might have been more prepared than some. i was just surprised that it was a required class for graduation. i suppose i shouldn't scoff at easy credits, though.

2013-04-08 14:13:40 ET

It's astounding the basic skills a lot of people lack, especially with how electronic things are becoming.

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