2013-11-13 19:25:25 ET

sometimes the strangest things annoy me. like, really huge things that any normal person would be outraged over just don't affect me, but tiny insignificant little things just get under my skin so fucking bad!

i have 3 roommates. 2 of our bedrooms are upstairs (i'm one of them) and the other 2 are down. apparently the ones downstairs don't have vents in them so they don't get any direct heat, while the ones upstairs do have vents, and my other upstairs roommate has the heating unit right outside her door. basically this means that the 2 people downstairs are always freezing, the other upstairs person is always hot, and i'm comfortable no matter what because i own a fan, know how to close or open my vent, and have blankets. this also means that since late august, the settings on the thermostat have run the gamut from having the air turned OFF when it's 100+ degrees outside, to having the air turned ON when it's 20 degrees outside.

right now my upstairs roommate and one of the downstairs ones are both sleeping on the same couch in the living room because they can't reach an agreement about what to set the thermostat to???? again, this is such an insignificant little thing that doesn't directly affect me at all, but i am strangely mildly annoyed all the same. well, maybe annoyed isn't the right word... it just seems like a super stupid thing to do. life gets way harder than having to sleep naked because you're too hot or buy an extra blanket because you're too cold. c'mon.

are there any stupid little things that rustle y'alls jimmies, even though you know they shouldn't?

2013-11-14 07:55:19 ET

I hate people in general.
It bugs me when people ask for advice, then don't take it.
I want to strangle them.

2013-11-14 11:54:19 ET

I hate having to repeat myself. Especially when it's small things that should be basic knowledge after a while.
I also hate seeing unnecessary creases in paper.
Oh, and I hate people who strictly enforce no shoe rules in their homes. Unless you have severe allergies, a proper host accommodates their guest and I hate being barefoot.

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