2011-05-10 14:43:09 ET

When I got home from work today I decided to do some (light) reading, Gryfin's book of peotry. I'd post some, but I think you would fly down here and rip out my heart. Really though, they are very good. I had forgotten how good of a writer she is. Reading them brings back good memories of staying up too late and drinking too much coffee at Denny's while writing. I may just have to dig out my old notebooks. So gryfin do you remember the Eshva? Didn't you dress up like one for Halloween?

2011-05-10 14:46:15 ET

You should post some of her old poetry!

Also, welcome to sk.

2011-05-10 14:50:49 ET

welcome to sk! you'll find it's like crack except arguably healthier. here's your complementary spinning sk dong; use it wisely.

2011-05-10 14:51:17 ET

i still do. the flat earth is still my preferred living place.

aaand... as long as you post ... you can post whatever. i've decided to save the rages for when you ignore me.

2011-05-10 14:53:02 ET

Two new members in the space of a week? They're coming outta the bloody walls here!

Welcome, anyway. We ran out of lemurs, and I see Mr Larson already installed your spinning dongs, so here's your complimetary sloth:

2011-05-10 15:01:38 ET

Thanks for the spinning dong and the sloth, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.

2011-05-10 15:08:43 ET

did you eat a teddy bear?

2011-05-10 17:03:46 ET

Welcome to sk! Sorry I dont come bearing sloths or spinning dongs!

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