2011-05-14 09:57:47 ET

I wish I could be like most of the people in this world. Sheep, that is what they are. Herd animals all following the same path. They all do the same thing and seem quite happy and content about it. Milling about doing nothing important, and not knowing or caring that they are all just sheep. They seem to think that the most important topic of day is what they watched on TV last night. I tell people I do not have TV and look confused and scared, "You mean it broke" they say. "No, just do not get any channels in" I say. "What do you do then?" they timidly ask. They really do not want the answer, they are just so confused they had to ask. Then they avoid me, what would we talk about if not what they watched on TV. Not that Tv is bad, I enjoy a good movie or show, but I do not want to spend all day talking about it, or wonder "Oh no, If I go to my kids event I will miss my show" I have heard people say that. Too many people. Maybe the collaspe of civilization would not be such a bad idea. The sheep would be the first to go.

It would be easier to be a sheep, simple and content. No more wondering what the real answer to life, the universe, and everything is.

Maybe if I travel that many roads I will understand.

2011-05-14 12:27:50 ET

spoiler: it's 42

2011-05-14 12:35:22 ET

I like you even more now!!!!!

2011-05-14 13:38:31 ET

er, personally i don't know what world you're living in, and while i can see where you're coming from, i have to say this entry sounds extremely narrow-minded and somewhat excessively negative to me.

i don't have a tv either, most of it disinterests me. but that is just me, and the world, these people you're judging, and everything else about it are not nearly as simple or sheepish as you're making them out to be.

like i said i hear what you're saying, but i think your own perspective could stand to grow a lot as much as you seem to think everyone else's could.

just my 2 cents; words on a screen like this are tough to gage so far as where they're coming from, but for how this reads to be, you make some pretty strong blanket statements about reality that, while i can relate with to a point, only really serve to remind me of how i felt about the world in my extra angsty and introverted life of my teens and early 20s that i am so glad to be growing out of and gaining a much more positive/broader perspective on the world, people, and life.

the world is a beautiful place full of people who i feel are a lot deeper than you're giving them the chance to be. i would have agreed with this entry full-on about 5 years ago; but now i can honestly say that i don't, even though it is probably an entry i would have (and really probably have in my own words) made myself in the past.

2011-05-14 14:15:00 ET

I would not say negative, sheep are needed. I just do not get along with many of them. I find most people to be shallow and afraid to care. They would rather send a greeting card than give you a hug. The Tv thing is just an exsample. When I was in my teens I felt this way, then I really tried to look at things with a more open mind. Now that I am much older I find myself going back to my old way of thinking. I agree the world is a beautiful place, and their are alot of people who so see that. I just find that they are the minority. Most people I meet judge you by the way you look or how much stuff you have. If you do not fit into the mold they really do not care.
I have found that most of my real friends (very few) and I do not share the same mold at all. We connect on deeper level, a place where only what is in your heart matters.

Thanks for the comment, I am glad to know not everyone is as grumpy as I am.

2011-05-14 14:17:39 ET

i'll translate for lars..

baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa baa


2011-05-14 14:22:23 ET

Oh Tina, you are so not a sheep. I think a wolf, maybe we are in the same pack? Just because you are a wolf does not mean you do not like other wolves, you just like to eat sheep together as friends.

2011-05-14 14:24:56 ET

but i learned how to speak sheep and squirrel and if i try hard i can even understand basic phrases in stupid.

2011-05-14 14:25:26 ET

Lars, you remind me of when I was 25. So happy and full of love, then life happened.

2011-05-14 14:28:49 ET

I have tried for years to decipher the stupid language with very little luck. You must send me your study notes.

2011-05-14 17:15:47 ET

i dig you as i dig a lot of people.

also i have far more life experience (with a lot of fucked up shit i have gone through and am still coming out of internally and with others) than you give me credit for. but that's too long of a story to ramble on about in a text-based medium.

everyone's a sheep just as much as everyone is a human and an individual. no one is an exception. so far as perspective and judgment of others, i feel that you reap what you sew and have found as i myself have become less judgmental towards others, i not only see them in a much broader light, but they aren't and don't treat me how i have been making them out in my head to, either. everyone has more than meets the eye and many people are prone to things that we, in immaturity, may be outright averted to. i strive to get past those aversions and just have a broader deeper view of people as individuals and as a mass.

you say i remind you of when i was 25 but your words here remind me of myself at 18. lol. everyone grows in different areas at different times, and i don't really think (or see anywhere in actual reality) that there is any sort of true age-to-maturity level that has any sort of real consistency in any area. no two people are identical and no two people grow at the same time in the same way in the same direction, either. at any age. complimentary directions? sure. but never at the exact same rate or direction.

i would say that people who have any sort of blanket judgmental view of the world or any significant part of ig are even more sheepish than those they are viewing as sheep. but this comes from my own experiences with myself and such viewpoints in the past as well.

i kind of feel like most days lately i spend time on this website being the wrench in SK's gears, cause quite honestly i am quite sure i hang out with and love - on a regular basis - a large group of people who many on this website sit in the corner and bitch about. it's not cause they're as bad as you think they are; it's cause you can't get past your judgmentalism of their behavior, imho.

as marcus aurelius said at an age when i am quite sure he was older than either of us, "if you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgment of them. and it is in your power to wipe out that judgment now."

i think the word 'pained' in this case could be replaced by literally any verb.

there are no sheep, douchebags, hipsters, jocks, twats, cunts, or any-fucking-other sort of people on the planet. there are simply people; some do amazing things, some make huge mistakes, some do terrible things that make little sense, and everyone changes over time. whether it's all good, bad, better, or worse, is ultimately up to your own judgement and viewpoint. no knowledge in the world is static and there isn't a single human being alive, so far as i'm aware of, that has any sort of universal truth or solid grasp on much of anything. those who think they do are simply fooling themselves, or waiting til something catches them off-guard and proves them wrong again.

2011-05-15 10:02:30 ET

ayup. some people. but not you. 'cause you're better than that.

2011-05-15 14:33:19 ET


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