Remembering Chris....    2008-11-09 06:18:17 ET
Last night was a gathering of friends who all loved my cousin Chris Muzykant aka Doktor242. Ironically it was held in a condo that happens to have a balconey that overlooks the cemetery in which his ashes are buried. I though I would feel weird about it, but it was fairly comforting to know he was so close... and not only in spirit. As usual there were hysterical stories about Yoda.. aka Kitty Douche... and all of the things that made everyone love Chris. Of course there were some tears as well, when reality kicks in and we realize that there will never be any additions to any of those stories. Plus of course the fact that we all feel as though we have no closure. I pray that responsibility will one day be taken for what happened. It would really make life a lot more bearable for Chris' friends and family. I've always believed righting one's wrongs in this life cleans the soul for the next...whatever the "next" may be...

It would mean a lot to me if anyone reading this would comment with a story about Chris. There are so many that many of us haven't heard. Hearing new stories, or even ones I haven't heard in a while, almost make it feel like he's still out there somewhere, touching people's lives the way he touched mine.....

 Time sure does fly....    2008-10-25 20:13:40 ET
Well, it;s been a couple of years since I posted on here. I guess I kind of withdrew from all the blog sites because it was just too damn depressing. But now, here we are, now coming up on 3 years since Chris...Doktor242 left us behind. I've continued to keep in touch with some people via Facebook, but coming on here gives me a different feeling. I feel like I'm stepping into his world when I come on SK, and signs of Chris are still everywhere. Like on a piece of clothing that still carries the scent of a passed loved one, subkultures will always have Chris' "scent". I'd like to send my sincerest well-wishes to all of his friends on here, and would love to hear from some of you from time to time. Thank you...I'm sure that a week from Tuesday, or thoughts will all be connected. Please try to think of your greatest memory, rather than do what I always do...think of all the memories that we'll never have.....

 Thievery!!!!    2006-02-28 05:59:28 ET
My dad's car got stolen last night. I hope the theives testicles fall off and get stuck under the brake pedal causing him to crash and explode! My dad's was his dream car...bastards

 Miss him today    2006-02-26 17:00:15 ET
I was supposed to go to the Javits Center today for this giant comic convention. It was such a madhouse that they closed ticket sales and we got beat. My first thought was how much Chris would have wanted to be there...and how much I wanted to be there with him....

 Mongolian Motherf*cker    2006-02-25 17:31:04 ET
The Mongolian MotherFucker I had at Revival in Harlem was quite strong. I found myself introducing my self to the same people over and over again. Boy am I friendly when I'm inebriated!!! I went out for a walk in the neighborhood and got a lot of strange looks. At first, to be quite honest, I thought it was because I was the only white dude around. I then came to realize that I was probably the only white dude that was drunk and walking around without a jacket and carrying a powder blue helium baloon!!

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