2004-03-20 17:41:55 ET

well going on a date tomarrow...well kind of a date...its dinner and a movie....which is a date but we are just hanging out...basically its a date.

2004-03-20 17:43:14 ET

lol oh the sweet cereomony of justification

2004-03-20 17:44:01 ET


i have never ever been on a date.

in my entire life.

lucky you.

2004-03-20 17:44:19 ET

dates can be so awkward

2004-03-20 17:45:36 ET

but i whud still like to go on one.

|le sigh|

2004-03-20 17:51:43 ET

lol yeah thats understandable. i went on a blind date once and oh man it was so bad so awkward

2004-03-20 18:25:41 ET

Ahhhh.. dates.
I think I've only been on two real dates in my entire life- the rest of the time I just hung out with people who I ended up seeing for a while.

2004-03-20 18:36:58 ET

yeah i havent been on dates really before either....weird.Do people have dates anymore???

2004-03-20 18:37:38 ET

just so long as the girl you're going with didn't say "we are just hanging out"

2004-03-20 18:46:16 ET

nasum- I really don't know.. the last 'date' I was on was in '96.

2004-03-20 18:59:38 ET

I went on a date recently. An awful experience.

2004-03-20 19:19:07 ET

Dates... I've never called them such.

I think the only time I was meeting someone for something he called a "date", I got in a car accident and was three hours late.

This tells me that the higher powers don't "date" and neither should I.

2004-03-20 21:07:37 ET


2004-03-21 04:44:32 ET

hope you had a good time. you should have gone to the dog races though.

2004-03-21 06:55:51 ET

haha dog races huh?....go bet on sound greyhounds..maybe i could of won some money.

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