2004-08-06 05:27:51 ET

i am getting new ink..next week on tuesday \m/...a carnival of zombies i will post pics when i get it...and thanks to everyone who has been leaving me comments...keep it up;)

2004-08-06 05:38:41 ET

i'm so jelous ...i want to get ink done so bad but unforgenatly i'm dead broke

2004-08-06 06:11:40 ET

ah! i am getting ink soon to.. but i don't know what yet.. damned..

2004-08-06 06:28:59 ET

weee, i want to see this. :D

2004-08-06 06:48:56 ET

okie np. :)

and definitely post pics. . . i'm curious what it'll look like.

2004-08-06 07:48:25 ET

I want ink.

2004-08-06 11:01:42 ET

oh dookie! i cant wait to see them! i saw a guy last night who had all these lil ghetto zombie clown hommies tattooed all over his macho steroid pumped body. it was really funny to begin with cuz he turned out to be gay *shrug* ^_^

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