2004-08-08 13:58:14 ET

only one person wants free piercings????...........

2004-08-08 13:59:43 ET

i do, its just a shame you are nowhere near me.

2004-08-08 14:27:58 ET

me too but yes no where near me.

2004-08-08 14:50:13 ET

i'll walk from toronto to new hampshire... for free peircing.. so tell me.. will you still be there?

2004-08-09 07:14:15 ET

i'd want them, but i'm in the sf area. . . nowhere near new hampshire. :(

2004-08-09 15:06:42 ET

Im scared of anyone willing to do piercings for free with left over jewelry. *shivers at thought of non autoclaved metal entering body* Piercing guns are scary enough

2004-08-09 19:55:37 ET

all my stuff is autoclaved and new...none of it is "left over jewelry"....i am very sterile...come on i have been doing this stuff for like 10 years i learn a thing or two and i just like to stab people and piercing supplies arent really that expensive when you get them wholesale...;) so thats why i dont mind doing a few for free.

2004-08-10 10:55:40 ET

lol, i know the prices =-) my bf works in a tattoo shop and his best friend is a piercer =-) i was just teasing with you =-) no offense meant

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