2004-11-26 15:57:04 ET

today i was preached to about jesus on the bus home from downtown...and how jesus has a plan for me...i get preached to alot...could it of been my Eyehategod shirt with a preacher holding a bible to a kids head and then hold a gun to the bible?could it be my many facial piercings?could it be the zombies i have tattooed on my arm???hmm maybe a little of all of it...anyways it would be nice not to be preached to.....damn jesus freaks...i dont mind if you are religious just dont push it on me.

2004-11-26 16:20:24 ET

thats the problem with public transportation

2004-11-26 17:06:11 ET

Jesus-obsessed individuals make bus rides more interesting

2004-11-26 18:20:29 ET

I think that Jews for Jesus are the most interesting preachers.

2004-11-26 18:38:10 ET

yeah, and they have personalized pamphlets.
i got one that says "ok, so i dress funny..."

2004-11-26 19:59:46 ET


2004-11-27 11:58:48 ET

jews for jesus? that doesnt make any sense..

2004-11-27 13:52:19 ET


Check it out. They have all the answers. ;P

2004-11-27 14:47:42 ET

but i dont get it that only thing that makes u a jew is the fact that you dont beleive in jesus right? and if you beleive in jesus, then ur not a jew! ::raging angry confusion:: im gonna read that page and find out....

2004-11-27 14:51:39 ET

I don't think anyone else understands, either.

2004-11-27 15:03:56 ET

They believe that being Jewish is a birthright. Just because they're Jews doesn't mean they follow the Judaism religion.

2004-11-27 15:06:00 ET

ya i think ur right, i had a friend who's dad was a jew and mom was christian, he HAD to be jew coz the father was.. it was no fair tho coz he celebrated Chanukha and Christmas

2004-11-29 22:59:19 ET

according to my jewish friends, judaism is passed down through the mother's side.

2004-11-30 05:27:18 ET

hmm.. thats interesting.. coz this kid i knew had a jewish dad who was like ... he acted like he thought he was god. like he beat his wife n stuff, and his son had to be jewish coz he was.

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