2005-01-09 07:34:32 ET

havent updated in a bit...hope everyone had a good xmas and new years...i will add new pics soon...i have done a few cool piercings lately like a 10g septum and also a hood piercing...well leave me some messages i love getting them either in this diary entry or private ones i dont care which:)

2005-01-09 11:35:40 ET

hey doo-doo! whats crackin? cant wait to see the new pics! as soon as i gots some muniez imma get me a fresh new tat *yummy*
get some ink on dis skin lol ^_^

2005-01-09 15:44:50 ET

[sad coz i never have money for tattoos]

2005-01-09 16:53:30 ET

if i would stop buying food to cook at home then maybe i would end up with some money for tats

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