2005-09-22 17:00:02 ET
the feelings from me

are ok

im hoping that things will clear

its ok

please love me

 agan that mood    2005-09-18 20:47:38 ET
i feel that now
i hve moved and made myself a new

i still dream about the loves i long
the people that i crave

i am realizing that
i may never find them

i guess thats how it goes
to hope for a thing

something that would keep us warm
when we are freezing in the snow

to lay with in the grass
and stare at the lights above

i have felt a love once before
but it was a one sided love

nothing came back
when feelings were given

maybe soon enough ill find them
but when i dont know.

 ........    2005-09-18 18:00:36 ET
i found out one of my good friends mom died

from a massive heart attack.......

this lady was wonderful
she even bought me smokes a few times.


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