2003-07-18 12:19:29 ET

i hate my family...all they do is bitch and complain at me... to them nothing is right, im always "in trouble" to them.....can i never please them

mood--pissed of with a headache

2003-07-18 13:01:35 ET

well will it cheer you up to laugh at the humility I will be in tonight ... Going to a club with Charity Bass and Tiffany Giles.. Check out my lastest entry.. you are gonna make so much fun of me.

also... I'm going to get raped.

2003-07-18 14:31:12 ET

its the same way with my family.
it can suck

2003-07-18 14:35:04 ET

it does suck...cant make em happy

2003-07-18 14:36:25 ET

i know right? and they always bug you about small things. and stupid stuff.
just so they can make it seem like you havent done shit
well thats how it is for me.
i hope your rents get over itsoon

2003-07-18 14:40:52 ET

thats it!! it makes me insane!

2003-07-18 14:42:41 ET

i know! i feel ya. lol my parents are the same EXACT way. but hey thats when we move out when we turn 18 and NEVER talk to them again

accept when we need $$$

2003-07-18 14:50:14 ET


2003-07-18 14:50:58 ET

lol heh finally someone who agrees with me.

2003-07-18 14:53:45 ET

HAH thell miss me when im gone....then theyll bitch at my brother

2003-07-18 14:58:00 ET

hahaha same here! thank goodness i have a little brother too so he can take my place.

2003-07-18 15:01:07 ET


2003-07-18 15:01:44 ET

Indeed! we are to evil! lol

2003-07-18 15:04:00 ET

nice avitar by the way heh

2003-07-18 15:05:22 ET

i enjoy fish...at the moment

2003-07-18 15:06:01 ET

haha only at the moment?

2003-07-18 15:07:04 ET

itll prob make me sick later

2003-07-18 15:07:40 ET

oh makes sense

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