2003-07-18 17:19:08 ET

blahhh fish sucks!!!

god i get so tired of all the damn complaning IN THIS DAMN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for you people that have younger siblings....DONT THEY ALWAYS GET THEIR DAMN WAY!?!!?!?!?!

2003-07-19 04:32:12 ET

ahh the capital letters! Eek!.

and yes.
they always get their way
and they do the things you do except when we do it. we get yelled at.
next time just start screaming and throw a watermelon at someone. that will make you feel much better
got sick of fish?

2003-07-19 05:35:12 ET

oh yes, the sickness

2003-07-19 05:37:35 ET

so you did get sick

2003-07-19 05:40:03 ET

i knew i would

2003-07-19 05:41:05 ET

yes you told me you would

2003-07-19 12:11:39 ET

i told you i would!

2003-07-19 14:56:33 ET

yep that too

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