2003-07-25 12:37:23 ET

band pratice yesterday! fun fun
i was informed that our drum player might be quitting...sucks ass
oh well

nesa comes home tomorrow

other than that, not much going on.


2003-07-25 13:30:15 ET

why would he quit?

2003-07-25 14:23:22 ET

musical diffrences, we went from hardcore sounding, to a new incubusy sounding type stuff. hes more of a punk guy anyway

2003-07-25 14:25:07 ET

hmmm... strange...well then i hope you guys find an awesome drummer

2003-07-25 16:30:21 ET

me too

2003-07-25 16:35:02 ET

dude....Jared's ...quitting. Argggg, any ideas of replacement?

2003-07-25 16:49:14 ET

well hes not quitting yet, but i think he will

2003-07-25 18:01:56 ET

I wanna make it to rehearsal damnit...!

2003-07-26 06:08:38 ET

haha woo!

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