You know
2003-08-02 16:15:18 ET

when you have those days where you just feel sick all day.
thats me today.
everytime i move i just feel like throwing myself down a
flight of stairs.
i feel somewhat better now... Radiohead just came on the alt rock chan. "just cuz you feel it, dosent mean its there"

so much meaning in those words
music keeps me alive.
its about the only thing that keeps me going is the past few days.
i love music.
"why so green, and lonely, heaven sent you, to me, to me"
did it happen for a reason
no matter what, i can still feel it.

"There, There"

2003-08-02 19:17:54 ET

*hugs tight*

2003-08-02 19:35:31 ET


2003-08-02 19:50:37 ET

if theres anything i can do (which im pretty sure there isn't because i cant get her back for you, but i thought it was still worth asking) just let me know

2003-08-03 07:07:35 ET


2003-08-03 09:45:53 ET

no problem

2003-08-03 17:21:02 ET

*hugs* radiohead is a beautiful band.

2003-08-03 17:21:11 ET

feel better

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