2003-08-05 22:02:53 ET

the ivy has subsided somewhat, i found this cream that sucks up all the oozing crap that comes out if it.
i freaking got rid of the ivy on my arm in about 10 mins. yay
we (my band) are in the recoding process, its kinda crappy recording we need a better we need a preamp to run through the computer so we could have better quality, but for now this will do.
i understand why it takes bands forver to put out a new album. the recording takes forever, take after take after take. brandon the guitarist says "its great fun" *lies* but hey its not that bad really, its kinda weard to say were recording something.
stressful times, but you know. oh well, must go.

2003-08-06 06:00:56 ET

recording is very stressful but in the end its way worth it. i've had way too many hours of studio time and i've only finished 3 out of 6 songs

2003-08-06 07:48:21 ET

Ah blah, you three need to come to kandess's today and play for us. My cat is in the dryer.

2003-08-06 15:48:02 ET

hah keep in mind we have school tomorrow

2003-08-07 18:55:41 ET

you...brenty boy...didn't make it to my place, and we had funs. Lotsa fun.

2003-08-07 18:56:00 ET

oh yeah, and I need to hear this stuff you're recording...i miss watching rehearsals

2003-08-07 18:57:51 ET

your welcome to come anytime!
check your PM
hes so much better than mike

2003-08-07 19:00:21 ET

Josh is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and his voice makes me melt.

2003-08-07 19:04:17 ET

if we could just get a preamp for the comp..we'd be soo set!!
josh said he was going to buy one when he gets paid...i hope

2003-08-07 20:01:16 ET

now that he has a job

2003-08-08 13:56:15 ET

yeah really...

you know what, he was suppose to pick up brandon from school today and then told him that he wasnt so i had to take poor little brandon home

2003-08-11 20:05:22 ET

awwww....poor little brandon

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