Ahhh its over
2003-08-06 17:27:02 ET

the summer has ended. its over. skool begins again.
help me

i need some clothes
any sugesstons?
oh well

i had a dull day
not much to say

hung out w/ nesa, same old.

im drained. and school hasent even stared.


2003-08-06 18:42:25 ET

ahhhhhhh dont say that horriable s word

but i still have like another month thank god

2003-08-06 22:03:13 ET

"the summer has ended. its over. skool begins again."

Its started for you already?! That's INSANITY!

2003-08-07 01:54:39 ET

yea i start too
:( you should go to school naked so they expell you and you never have to go again. xD

2003-08-07 10:44:53 ET


It would be funny if they didn't expel you and you were ther naked all day waiting to be expelled ;)

2003-08-07 15:36:20 ET

hahaha gross. reminds me of that soap commercial where the people get on the nudist bus and the slick speaker guy goes :youre not as clean as you think"

2003-08-07 15:50:58 ET

Oy, I've never seen such a commercial - strange!

2003-08-07 16:32:08 ET

uh huh its strange

2003-08-07 18:41:29 ET

haha im going to go naked.!!
yes we stared to fucking day!!!!

2003-08-08 01:52:07 ET

yea how was your first day?

2003-08-08 13:54:00 ET

it sucked ass

2003-08-08 13:55:48 ET

awe :(

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