state of emergency
2003-08-07 18:50:59 ET

school. what more can i say
i have AP US going to die this year
im also in pre-cal which im suppose to be in alg 2
what the hell?
i think not. i fucking failed alg.2 so how the hell am i suppose to do pre-cal....that shit isnt happining
the class im going to love is art 2...ART !!!! WOO!!!

im excited for Nesa tomorrow, her and Sarah are putting on a little concert at nesa house to give everyone a taste of their band, Blush, i hope it goes well.

so \, other than me hating school im good!

from the Volumen DVD

"im the hunter, ill bring back the goods"

2003-08-07 19:39:30 ET

Woo Blush!

2003-08-08 11:05:01 ET

they put me in algebra two im forrible at math

2003-08-08 11:05:12 ET

also im bad at spelling

2003-08-08 13:54:44 ET

hah so am i....both things

2003-08-08 13:56:02 ET


2003-08-08 13:57:19 ET

and my mom went to school today and now that im going to stay in pre-cal im going to have to go to a night class thing from 3 till 9 at fucking night god !!!!!!!!!!

2003-08-08 13:57:53 ET

gjsdgjsdfhkahdkh but night time is the time to go out! : X

2003-08-08 13:59:14 ET

hah not for me

2003-08-08 14:01:01 ET

oh i see

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